Welcome to My Site


Thank you for visiting my site, I want you to know, I am personally involved in every project, I have also built a partner network of outstanding consultants, who compliment and share my business philosophy and collaborative work environment. Please feel free to browse around my site and I look forward to working with you soon! 954.410.2530 or info@xavieraeastham.com



Now allow me to introduce myself… my name is Xaviera Eastham or for short (X).

A graduate from Wichita State University, more years experience than I care to express, in pre-press, production, design, layout and organization. I am a team player, a problem solver, a scout (girl scout that is), a record breaker, a brain stormer, a saleswoman, an actor suavé and ready to turn your creative problems into concrete solid ideas. I am well spoken, and well-received (Not to mention well versed on Macintosh and PC platforms.)

I am not caught in the past; I am striving to tomorrow and beyond. I am a creative,
detail-oriented individual driven by tight deadlines and bottom lines. I am considered extremely disciplined, organized and not bad looking either. (sorry married) I can work at break neck speeds on multiple tasks and I love a challenge.

I have a heart of a poet, the soul of an artist and the mind of a marketing madwoman. You may be thinking… Home Run! Super Cool! You may be thinking X marks the spot already.

Oh! and don’t forget to check out samples of my work.